More like Tulsa

It’s a horror story told through divisive tactics, tense acoustic chords and gang vocals chanting down certain places to live. Fast Friends sound slightly inebriated as they get out their frustrations over what I can assume is the presidential nominees fighting it out. The songwriting is catchy and comedic albeit a little aggressive and the music video looks like it took a niche skill however the recording sounds like it could’ve been done on an iPhone which makes the emotion feel very pure and raw. Check out “Fuck Ohio” below!

Artist Quote

““Fuck Ohio,” captures the feeling of watching the 2016 Clinton/Trump debates on 24-hour loop A Clockwork Orange style with your eyelids pronged open – but in 2047 so you’ve got way too much perspective on it.”

Bummer Band Bio;

Ive got an idea.

How about somehow impossibly you are born and then you move across the planet and then you move across the country and then you learn how to play trombone and then you buy a scanner and cut up a bunch of us weekly and then you finally grow up and then no parents and then too much parents and then you cry yourself to sleep because everything is as it should be/because everything has fallen apart and then cancer and then write rock songs with people you dont know and then write pop songs with people you love and then use other peoples amps at shows and then you finally figure out how to dress yourself and then you care too much about basketball and then divorce and then you stop eating meat and then you eat meatballs with veins showing in them and then emergency surgeries and then emergency phone calls and then finally figure out how to say something that matters to you in a way that other people can hear it.

Do that.

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