Rabbit Hole “Mirages”

Hard hitting psychedelic vibes in “Rabbit Hole” by Mirages create a tense and motivating hard rock track. The vocalist has a seductive and smooth vocalist timbre that is supported by walls of guitar and thrashing drums. If you’re in a bang your head kind of Tuesday mood you’ll definitely want to check out “Rabbit Hole” by Mirages.


Mirages are a 5-piece Alternative Rock band from Gloucestershire, UK. Blending hard-hitting riffs with laid-back grooves and melodic vocals, the band have worked hard to create a diverse range of songs built on heavy rock foundations, dealing with modern issues from mental health and isolation to escapism and conspiracy theories.

Formed in 2018, the band attracted attention following the release of their second single, Exile and the accompanying music video. Two new members were added to the line-up in 2020, followed by the release of an archived song from 2018, Step Behind. Boasting a unique sound built from a wide range of influences, Mirages are set to continue making their voices heard with further releases planned for 2020 and beyond.

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