Noon Shift “Fallen Sisters”

If you’re in the mood for some contemporary guitar driven rock you’re definitely going to be into this new track from Sydney rockers Noon Shift. “Fallen Sisters” is a banger from the moment the full band starts playing all the way through the end with only a short break for air during the bridge. If you’re like me and miss guitar solos in your bands work then you’re in luck with this track. “Fallen Sisters” is the perfect song to start off your Memorial Day weekend stateside. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Noon Shift soon!

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Led by singer songwriter Nicholas Lowe, joined by William Abbott (Drums), Michael Sramek (Bass) and Thomas Rusin (Guitar), Noon Shift are an emerging band from Sydney’s Western suburbs. Influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters, Gang of Youths and Chris Cornell, Noon Shift showcase a raw display of rock and roll which will slap you in the face, quickly apologise, then proceed to hug it out.



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