Nathan Rodd “Evelyn”

If you’re going into Memorial Day weekend stateside feeling like you need a romantic break from the current climate you’ll get exactly what you need with brand new Nathan Rodds “Evelyn”. The songwriting is reminiscent of Smokey Robinson and the production is a classic tried and true style. The music video features a beautiful lady who I can only imagine is “Evelyn”. Get lost in her whimsical smile as you listen to Nathan Rodds romantic and sentimental love song.


Nathan Rodd is an indie folk-pop singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv. His curiosity and passion for life are two elements that reflect in the music.Nathan is a dreamer with an affinity for emotive lyrics and melodies, and his emotional energy stands out in his creative expression.

Evelyn, is the first single from his upcoming debut album, due to release in August 2020.

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