Heads or Heads “Nightfall”

“Nightfall” is a groovy tune that is heavily influenced by sounds from the 80s but maintains an ethereal and modern sound. It’s a reflective tune for a calm and rainy day that makes you forget everything else going on right now. The music video is dreamy and it’s like Saturday morning cartoons on a Thursday. I’m loving the ambiance of “Nightfall” and I’m sure you will as well, check out the music video below!


“Nightfall is a song that first appeared in a short film that I wrote and acted in from 2018 – a very early version of it plays as the end credits roll and I sat on it for over a year before deciding to properly finish it. So the music got its start long before the lyrics or vocals were even considered – and I wanted to make sure that it maintains an ethereal vibe in the vein of some of Grimes’ work.” – Alex Harbolt, Heads or Heads


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