TOLEDO “Lovely”

Whimsically EQ’d vocals for that radio effect fits so well with thin and bright guitars and punchy sampled drums make up a solid portion of “Lovely” by TOLEDO. The layers fade in and the dreams come to life in an animated sort of way in “Lovely” by TOLEDO. I stuck around for the peaceful and was so won over by the bridge which has lots of beautifully layered in vocal harmonies and give way to an arpeggiated pad synth. It’s so dreamy and is a great escape from the current climate. Definitely worth a spin if you’re looking for something heartfelt and dreamy.


“Lovely is our attempt at a happy song. Its a song is about meeting someone that makes you see the world differently. We do our best to have as much fun as possible when recording, and here that resulted in barking dogs, glitching guitars, and lots of ad libbing.  ”

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