East Harbor “Miss the Old You”

An animated high energy vocal performance introduces “Miss the Old You” by East Harbor. The heavily compressed production qualities and infectious rhythms make for a solid sounding contemporary indie pop performance. I think it’s a really solid songwriting and layering of vocals. To me this sounds like something you’d hear over the loudspeakers at a Planet Fitness or in a commercial, the lyrics are just too sync friendly. Check it out below “Miss the Old You” by East Harbor!


Formed back in 2014 in the small town of Vero Beach, FL, East Harbor has spent the past few years perfecting their sound & playing numerous live shows. The four piece (consisting of Josh Dobson, Robby Staggs, David Gonzales, and Cory Kouns) has headlined several shows (including Jensen Beach’s Pineapple Festival) and opened up for many bands such as Ballyhoo.

Last year, East Harbor released their debut single “Lucid” (Feb 2019) and follow-up track “R.W.I.B.” (April 2019) garnering praise and attention from tastemakers and fans worldwide. They closed out the year with the release of their buoyant single “Highlight of My Week,” which served as a taste of their forthcoming LP. Taking influence from indie-pop and rock, East Harbor creates an iconic cross-over sound to get you off your feet and dancing.


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