No Fun Club “Standard of Living”

Twinkly and organic in a midwestern kind of style that is reminiscent of everything emo from Into It/Over It to bands more like Taking Back Sunday or The Promise Ring. A coming of age tale mixed with a vengeful kind of anger towards the subject being sung too. Familiar in production style with fuzzed out guitars and a bridge that takes a breath of fresh air before it builds back into a ripping guitar solo. If you’re into everything high energy pop-punk emo than definitely check out No Fun Club “Standard of Living” below.


“Standard of Living” draws inspiration from midwest emo and 90s and 2000s indie rock. Lyrically, the song examines roles in a not-quite-romantic relationship, and tells that story over jangly guitars and a driving drum beat. The song ends with a succinct fuzzy guitar solo that is inspired by J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.’s style.

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