WRENN “Craigslist Personals”

Haunting chords and larger than life reverb starts of “Craigslist Personals” by WRENN. The production quickly blossoms into a huge contemporary rock sound that harkens back to the 2000s for guidance in sonic quality. WRENN has an amazing voice that is spilling with emotion. I’m hurting just listening to this like the pit in my stomach isn’t just caused by WRENN. I’m in love with this track, kind of Paramore esque? Check it out below! WRENN “Craigslist Personals”

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The 22-year-old grew up surrounded by music and it’s evident in her inherent knack for creating hits. On the new track, WRENN says, “‘Craigslist Personals’ was quite literally a fever dream I had at 3 am. I had the flu, taken too much cough medicine, woke up at 3 am, and found myself in the stairwell of my parents’ house admitting to myself that I was still completely in love with my ex-girlfriend. We both were living through delusions at that point, and she absolutely would not examine the false narrative she has constructed in her head. In that sense, the line in the chorus ‘if you pretend I’m not around, can you pretend to hear me out’ personifies the song in its entirety. I felt like I was just silently begging her to take a step back and view both our faults as partners as honestly as possible in order to grow for ourselves, and our future relationships. Instead, she found more comfort in finding someone new, cutting their hair, dressing them up in my clothes, and using this highly-constructed relationship to shield her from herself. The whole thing was like a poorly veiled personal add I’m not even sure she knew she was advertising. This song was everything I wish she could have truly heard. I hope everyone else can hear it.”

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