The Colour Coast “Now I’m An Ocean”

It’s a fun track that moderately changes feel in dynamics and section which allows the listener to get lost, I can see this being a really fun dance track at a club. The larger than life reverb on instruments creates an intense production. The bridge is seductive and maintains the lively performance by the band. A faster and more rock and roll concept than other pop rock acts like Alice Merton. I can really get down to the feeling in “Now I’m An Ocean” by The Colour Coast and I think you will be able to as well. Check it out below!


The unique ‘Tropical Indie Rock’ sound of The Colour Coast reflects the diversity of their city, Los Angeles, and of the members that make up the band: Marley Otto, Frank Tobias, Juan Pablo Grado, Kevin Martin, Theron Lynott and Gerry Doot. They hail from as far away as Canada and Argentina, and from as local as Koreatown, with roots in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and across America.

The Colour Coast has been playing together since late 2016. They released their first EP, Rosado, in January of 2018 and the two lead singles, “Meet Me in The Morning” and “Walls”, were picked up by a radio station in South Africa, with “Meet Me in the Morning” debuting at #7 on the charts. They’ve played venues all over LA, sharing stages with local artists like Lauren Ruth Ward and Magic Bronson, played packed shows at SXSW, produced a successful month-long residency at The Satellite, played Desert Nights hosted by KCRW DJ Valida, and released their first full-length music video, for their song Walls. They’re playing three shows this November and releasing a new single each night!! @thecolourcoast

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