Vern Matz “Rabbit God”

“Rabbit God” by Vern Matz is a dreamy bohemian sounding indie tune that is nostalgic and whimsical but also probably kind of stoned on the couch on a Saturday morning watching cartoons. It has a lovely sonic quality that allows the listener to drift lightheartedly into a daydream. I’ve fallen in love with “Rabbit God” by Vern Matz and I really hope you do too! Stream it below, give the group love on their socials, read the artist biography and find their whole Spotify catalog below!

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Hi-fi DIY tunes for your autumn blues. Formed at Yale University, the group is often described as a bunch of hooligan folk rockers who stand opposed to brunch culture. The band is led by Daniel Belgrad, a Korean American who mistrusts penguins due to their tendency to perform acts of radical violence. Joining him is the elusive Michael Lituchy, a Taurus who secretly writes songs in the twilight while raising cattle in remote Connecticut. Call 310-310-0888 to order Michael’s cheese, or to chat about the deficiencies of modern dating.

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