Ostrea Lake “Ghost Melody”

Ambient in nature and a perfect soothing way to start the week is “Ghost Melody” by Ostrea Lake. “Ghost Melody” is off debut LP Don’t Sway Above Me, it was released November 1st and is eight tracks of lullaby folk music. “Ghost Melody” is a haunting track that haunts in a way more like Spirited Away than say the Grudge. If you’re into drifting into a daydream this Monday then try giving “Ostrea Lake” by Ghost Melody a spin.



Ostrea Lake are based in Halifax, NS, Canada. Combining atmospheric and rippling sounds with carefully woven imagery, the lullaby folk quartet deliver a cohesive and powerful offering that draws you into it’s calm depths, before wrapping you in it’s rise and swell.

Formed in January 2012 by singer-songwriter Elias Abi Daoud and multi-instrumentalist Moe Kabbara, Ostrea Lake is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Elias Abi Daoud was born and raised in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia. Growing up on Ostrea Lake road, Elias recalls sitting by the lake listening to the sounds of the woods and water intermingle in peaceful harmony. Inspired by his early memories, he named the project after the Nova Scotian Lake.

Moe Kabbara moved to Halifax in 2011 from Beirut, Lebanon. Moe is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and met Elias through an encounter at a local music event. The project initially was a creative outlet for the two young musicians, which combined their diverse musical backgrounds and allowed them to create a unique sound.

Over the years, the band has evolved to bring on bassist Scott Kedy, and most recently, percussionist Andrew Wright.

The band has had many of their songs appear in TV and film, has toured Canada’s East Coast, and has appeared at numerous festivals, including White Rabbit Arts, Pop Montreal, and In The Dead of Winter.

Elias Abi Daoud: Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Moe Kabbara: Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Synth
Scott Kedy: Bass
Andrew Wright: Percussion

Recorded by Nick Macdonald, Montreal, QC
Mastered by Maeghan Ritchat at Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto, ON
Mixed by Moe Kabbara, Ottawa, ON
Produced by Moe Kabbara and Elias Abi Daoud
Album Artwork by Jesse Roode
Album Liner Photos by Daniel Dominic Menard

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