Paden “Stories”

Whimsical in nature and organic in instrumentation “Stories” by Paden is something to get lost in. Cinematic and soothing “Stories” has a solid range of dynamic elements and lush harmony which will enchant any listener. If you’re feeling emotional on hump day you might try giving “Stories” by Paden a spin to push yourself over the edge. Deeply romantic you can fall in love with “Stories” by Paden instantly. Stream it below and find out more about Paden.


Artist biography

The band Paden is a Nashville based duo whose alternative music contemplates the struggles and doubts of adulthood by accentuating the sense of wonder, curiosity, and innocence of being young. The goal of Paden’s project is to create music that would inspire and give hope to their 15 year old selves. The music features unique and catchy melodies sung by alternating male and female lead vocals, with lyrics that explore themes of wanderlust, belonging and nostalgia. The members of the band, Phillip Englehart and Sabrina Englehart, combine their talents to share the message that you are not alone. They hope to tap into the journey of growing up to create connection and hope in the hearts of their generation.

The band has been working closely with South African producer and artist, Vian Izak, to create their upcoming project. Their first EP will include two tracks titled “Don’t Hold Back,” and “Sail On.” The first song is upbeat and uplifting, with cinematic percussion and a string section that supports an anthemic vocal line. The second song takes a melancholy turn but maintains the same drive as the first track, ending with an emotional build that finishes the EP off strong. The songs embody the emotions of living life in your mid 20s. With this release, Paden hopes to bring light to and find their home in the growing indie-music scene in Nashville.

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