Goldschatz “Darkest Times”

Get over the hump in your week with the mellow bluesy track “Darkest Times” by Goldschatz. The lead vocalists on this track have energy that goes beyond the range of which the band is performing at. The two come together for the chorus and the additional percussion and style of duet brings a country element that is always present deeper into the arrangement. “Darkest Times” is a fun track that might not reflect the darkest times but is actually quite uplifting in nature. Play it for your significant other to show your commitment. Stream “Darkest Times” by Goldschatz below!

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Artist biography

Timothy Jaromir is the son of a Blues man, and is now fresh off the Montreux Jazz Festival stage. Born and raised into music, this son-of-a-gun has been turning heads on stages and on your ole’ radios for quite some time now.

Christina Rieder has just stepped off of the Eurovision stage, from representing Switzerland as Rykka straight into releasing brand new record including two Internationally charting singles.

Last year, these two, young and in love – ran off to the Canadian wilderness to tie the knot. Through their songwriting and live shows, you’ll take a glimpse into what it’s like to be badass rebels in love, in a world that is falling apart.

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