Kensington Moore “Addict”

“Addict” is a brand new indie pop track from Kensington Moore. “Addicts” lyrics tell the story of missing a lover through a contemporary pop sound. The rhythmic qualities are broken up in a way that might describe the constant stop and start of addiction and fulfilling cravings and the space between. Kensington Moore asks what the definition of an addict is at the start of every chorus  alluding to making the listener think she might be in denial about how severely she is addicted to this love. Standard instrumentation and arrangement but dripping with prosody and laden with hooks. Check out “Addict” by Kensington Moore below!

“’Addict’ started as a super emotional piano ballad in my dad’s house in Nashville,” Moore explains. “The chorus kinda came to me out of nowhere and ended up getting stuck in my head for weeks. I later showed what I had started to my writing partners Corey Britz and Travis Ference and finished the song with them. It’s cool to me how the vibe totally changed from what I heard as a very emotional ballad to a super weird, kinda off – centered pop song.”

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