Eric Shen “Standard Incident”

Allow yourself to be transported away with “Standard Incident” by Eric Shen. This whimsical and sweet jazz tune features innovative performance styles while also maintaining elements of classic jazz standards. A familiar instrumentation and dynamic range Eric Shen also gets far out in terms of arrangement and transitions between sections with skillful passages played on both guitar and trumpet.

“Standard stands for a rooftop bar located in Downtown LA (Its name is Standard). I had a finiest day I have ever had with a girl at there and also got a phone call from Asia about my mother was passing away. It was a weird mixed feeling I had on that rooftop. It inspired me to write this melody”

Stream “Standard Incident” by Eric Shen below and find a hyperlink to follow the Los Angeles based guitarist on instagram.


Eric Shen is an accomplished guitarist based out of Los Angeles, California.

He is passionate about jazz and blues guitar traditions and seeks to push the genres in new directions.


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