The best word to describe “Sometimes” by Young in a Million is epic

A really solid production that is sonically of epic proportions. “Sometimes” listens like a storybook or a compilation of Disney clips in the way my heartstrings rise and fall with the dynamics. Young in a Million “Sometimes” is for the millennial bitten with wanderlust and wistful for times they never had. Emotionally powerful to the max is “Sometimes” by Young in a Million. Something I really enjoyed was how the arrangement contains elements of folk, cinematic music, and pop.

The best word to describe “Sometimes” by Young in a Million is epic. Stream it below and find out more about the band.

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The Floridian outdoorsman, country boy met a pretty boy wanna be British pop star. A complicated yet brilliant relationship bringing together all the dynamics necessary for Zara to open a store with Home Depot.

Even with their recording process taking a little longer than usual, as they are always cutting and splicing tape, YIAM produces quality recordings in house that are set to make them the biggest band since Limp Bizket.

Influenced by everything they’ve heard since the glory era of MTV their songs ring with the anthemic themes of U2 and Coldplay yet maintain the modern vibe of the 1975 and a stroke of the Killers. Young in a million is providing the soundtrack to re-ignite the dreams of our youth once again and the ballads that move us to walk down the aisle.

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