Eden Cami “Searching”

Haunting and dark is the new Eden Cami track titled “Searching”. Familiar in arrangement but foreign in production in tone this listens like a good Halloween jam. Lyrically to me “I’ll never heal from your love” was all about abuse one suffers when in a romantic relationship with an abuser. If you’re into indie rock “Searching” might fit between Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett in your record collection and if it’s a bookshelf maybe above Alice Merton. Self described as a sonic maze Eden Cami is right on the money in my ears for a way to describe the way you get lost as the piece progresses and introduces and takes away layers and sonic qualities. If you’re craving something intense today check out “Searching” by Eden Cami.

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Eden Cami is the veteran of several music groups and genres, the result of a unique story of self-definition, exploration and survival. Her path from the Galilee to Berlin, in search of her core identity and artistic freedom, took her through a prog-rock band, Jazz gigs and Middle-eastern folk ensembles.

Now the singer-songwriter embarks on a debut solo project bringing together these different elements, and transforms her personal story into a universal call to strive for one’s own path despite conservatism and social taboos.

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