Bull “Love Goo”

Organically marching on quaint in performance is “Love Goo” by Bull. Lyrically most of the time it is about telling someone to be more conscious of their negative relationship but put to a dainty folk rock sound it comes off as a very charming way to shut someone down. The second verse takes the listener on a vacation of drinking on a beach where it is revealed that “Love Goo” might actually be about the songwriter lamenting for a relationship lost. Something that drew me into “Love Goo” was the simple but fun arrangement and the way new elements are layered in to keep “Love Goo” fresh. I really dug the bass-y vocal lines later in the song because I feel like I don’t hear those very often. Definitely worth a check if you need a pick me up on a Monday! Check out “Love Goo” by Bull below!



This York based slacker rock outfit have been gaining some strong momentum that has seen them played on Radio 6 by Steve Lamacq and recently supporting bands such as the Orielles, Pip Blom and Canshaker Pi.

The four piece play songs in the style of Pavement/Pixies/Pumpkins and anything else amazing that begins with a P. They are often melodic, sometimes frantic, dynamic and always unpredictable.

Further Reading

In the spring of 2017 Tom Beer, Dan Lucas, Kai West and Tom Gabbatiss, decided on a whim, to go to Germany. Their planning was extremely minimal. They built a suitcase drum kit packed up their shit and took off on their first trip abroad together. They slept in the basement of a YMCA and went about the business of successfully booking a two night dive bar tour of Berlin.

As fate would have it, the band crossed paths with SPIRAL STAIRS (Pavement). They took a liking to Bull and agreed to play at the band’s impromtu house party the following night. Live sound engineer and producer, Remko Schouten (Pavement, The Jicks) ran the rig at the house party and afterwards invited Bull to record with him in Amsterdam – far out!

This chance meeting allowed Bull to realise the classic childhood dream, playing their way through Europe and all the way to Austin, Texas – South By South West.

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