“Its Not Time To Relax” Club Soccer

Bedroom producer style “Its Not Time To Relax” sums up the concept of relaxing in New York City. The seventh chords and organic nature of the recording reminds me of other indie bands and songwriters I like such as Rex Orange County, Mac DeMarco and the Growlers but there is something different about them. The psychedelic style they add towards the end of the track could be reminiscent of Tame Impala. The point I’m trying to make is that by combining lots of familiar sonic qualities from influencers Club Soccer has really come up with something entirely new. Based out of Manhattan I hope to hear more from Club Soccer sooner than later. Stream “Its Not Time to Relax” and learn more about the duo below!



Club Soccer is the matching of Argentinian Nico Brunstein and Brazilian born, Nando Dale. Both students at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, the two have found a common passion for putting indie rock, dream pop and jazz into a psychedelic smoothie that will refresh you on a sunny day.

Club Soccer is also a means of Nico and Nando to express their production skills as they adhere to a strict self-producing ethos. Emphasizing production quality as much as they value their songwriting, the duo strives to keep pushing themselves to experiment with different techniques, inspired by the late 60’s creative freedom.

Consisting of Nando on vocals and guitar and Nico on bass the duo inspired by both their parents music taste (The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Os Mutantes) and their current affections (O Terno, King Krule, The Marias, Natalia Lafourcade), you may find them playing soccer at Washington Square Park or dancing their asses off to disco.


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