The Honest Heart Collective “Fine”

While the musical qualities of “Fine” are uplifting and victorious in performance the lyrics sing a different tune of not being okay. Infectious pop rock hooks to a familiar arrangement will always work for me. A highlight for me was the chorus when everything slows down to a halftime and the singer reaches for falsetto notes. If you’re feeling a little down headed into the weekend and want to not feel so alone while also having your spirits boosted by some good vibes and energy check out “Fine” by The Honest Heart Collective below!

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Anchored by four lifelong friends, The Honest Heart Collective was born from brothers Ryan and Nic MacDonald, a moment at a Springsteen concert, and a rotating cast of musicians made permanent. Buoyed by the backdrop of their Northern Ontario roots, the band embodies an old soul take of heart-on-sleeves storytelling through music. Armed with the self-built Lion- heart Studio, a blue-collar mentality, and a new collection of songs, THHC recorded their LP Grief Rights with producer Derek Hoffman. The Honest Heart Collective is currently working on a new record, with new music slated for release in 2019.

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