Paper Walls “Fragile Little World”

Heavy jams and catchy guitar licks support this contemporary rock song “Fragile Little World” that has an environmental message in the lyrics. Dynamically “Fragile Little World” travels distances in big ways, the larger then life production style makes it sound as though this band should be performing large stages. The video itself features the group performing in a theater while outside a group plays Russian Roulette. Lyrically and performance wise a very intense listen and if you’re feeling like rocking out today then definitely check out “Fragile Little World” by Paper Walls.



Formed in 2017, Paper Walls forge gutsy and raucous blues-soaked riffs with a hard rock / Indie / Alternative aesthetic, tipping their hats to the work of contemporaries and predecessors alike: Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Royal Blood, Baroness, and Raconteurs.

One thought on “Paper Walls “Fragile Little World”

  1. If you get a chance to see these artists live you will be a fan for life. Huge original catalog along with some classic cover make for a rockin night out.


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