Cloning – “Epilogues”

Chill and beat driven the atmospheric qualities of “Epilogues” have a solid foundation. When the chorus hits there is a chaos of guitar parts in the arrangement that call the ear in all directions while the lead vocals laments a story of coming undone. It’s a wonderful combination of hard rock tones in the guitar and trip-hop somberness that are enchanting. The album artwork is dark in nature which really helps bring the whole package together for myself. If you’re feeling the angst of summer slipping away you might try giving “Epilogues” by Cloning a spin.


Emerging Western Australian band Cloning return with second single ‘Epilogues’, nominated for WAM Song of the Year 2019. Debut single ‘Special’ saw over 14,000 Spotify streams, packed hometown shows and positive press from Life Without Andy and XPress Magazine. XPress said, “one moment they didn’t exist, and the next they were measured against some of Perth’s best. It’s easy to see why.”

‘Epilogues’ revolves around accountability. Vocalist Felix, “I was making some big decisions in my life while writing ‘Epilogues’. Realising why you are in a predicament is like reading your own epilogue; I think that is a really positive thing.”

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