Silent Feature – “On Your Hands”

Dark and brooding tones make this distorted track very satanic in nature. The ominous approach to songwriting is highly endearing as we head into fall stateside. To me “On Your Hands” is reminiscent of Tom Waits later years of writing where he threw away his sweet major seven chords for a more mysterious and aggressive style. The cavernous reverb used on the production drags the listener into the dark and chaotic world of “On Your Hands”. Check out Silent Feature “On Your Hands” below!

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Silent Feature is a Brisbane-based group formed in the town’s progressive incestuous music scene. It’s unusual for artists not to cross paths in Brisneyland – and naturally, one thing led to another, keys were thrown in bowls and… the foursome got curious. The band’s special blend of rock, jangle, and Americana came from a collaborative shakeup of both current and previous individual projects. Principle songwriter Greg Cathcart may be recognised for his work both as a producer and performer for The Painted Ladies LP in 2016, Luke Daniel Peacock, co-writing/performing with vocal-powerhouse Jackie Marshall, and most recently a member of indie-rock band Minor Premiers. The group’s co-founder, Adrian Mauro is a Brisbane familiar, well-known for his celebrated electro-rock project Machine Age, as well as his valuable membership to indie-pop group BANFF.

The pair were fortunate enough to team with Luke Sullivan – one of the integral songwriters and arrangers/hunks for former Brisbane-rock-giants Speedstar – before discovering the talent of songwriting-producer Liam Robert Eaton (Leebone Phillips) during the engineering of a studio session for The Honey Month EP, Foliage.

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