Yellow Shoots “Possessed” from La Reserve

Funky grooves and a vocal timbre that seems slightly disconnected from the world “Possessed” is a great title for the sound displayed in the song. Sensual and groovy this psychedelic R&B track feels intense and foreign like discovering new sensations.

Matthews explains, “I wrote this song during a moment where I felt things spinning out and all I could do was succumb to it and trust that it would pass.”

A highly relatable topic especially for someone who is currently in a state of transition between two of the most hectic cities in America. The slightly indiscernible timbre in which they are performed adds to the chaos in “Possessed”. “Possessed” is the first single off an EP due out this fall. Stream it from Soundcloud below and find out more about the artist in their biography.





Greg formally launched Yellow Shoots with the More Alive EP in 2015 and the 2017 follow-up Stormy Weather. Not only did the artist personally sing and perform guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, and keyboards, but he also wrote and produced. This holistic approach attracted the endorsement of early supporters such as Paste Magazine, Magnetic, and more as Spotify touted the tunes on playlists, including “Fresh Finds” and “New Indie Mix,” to name a few. After years of quietly tinkering, he honed this vision to perfection on the single “everything.” Fusing synth bass and a wavy beat into an ambient trip rounded out by funkified riffing and spacey vocal warbles, it quickly cracked 229K Spotify streams and heralded the forthcoming record.

“As soon as I finished ‘everything,’ I was like, ‘This is what I’ve been hearing in my damn head for that last couple of years’,” he smiles. “It came down to not giving a shit. I was literally recording instruments I loved. I stopped worrying about fitting in and just did what came naturally. That was the ‘a-ha’ moment, so to speak.”

The 2018 single “desert rose” showcases the expanse of the album. Propelled by handclaps, vintage Oberheim synths, and smooth falsetto, its sizzling strut scorches on impact.

“It’s essentially about being obsessed with someone and building a whole distorted world around that person,” he explains. “You realize it’s all make-believe when you come back down to reality. The object of your affection won’t give you the time of day, but you create a fictitious vision.”

Then, there’s the psychedelic groove of “magic on my pillow,” which dissects modern dating culture with a slick and sly sense of humor.

“Dating and meeting people happens at such a higher rate these days that everyone feels replaceable,” he goes on. “The perception of sex has also evolved in society. It’s accepted to have a purely sexual relationship without romance. Are you okay with that or not? I’m just posing the question.”

These are just a few shades of Yellow Shoots. The entire vision of everything speaks to Greg’s own experience with synesthesia—i.e. the ability to describe music in colors.

Composed, Produced, Mixed – Greg Matthews
Mastering – Dan Millice
Artwork – Elijah Craig


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