Fern Murphy “Flowerbeds”

This dreamy and atmospheric band fits right alongside indie rock gods Real Estate. Layers of reverb and a soft vocal performance allows the listener to get lost in “Flowerbeds”. There is something nostalgic about the tender performance and romantic lyrics. Fern Murphy adds a big sound into a small space, this is the kind of band that makes me reminisce for the Boston college band basement scene out of Allston. Though based in Indiana this bands sound is universal and ethereal. Check out “Flowerbeds” below as well as a band biography and links to socials and their whole EP Gringo Love,


Fern Murphy is dreampop/shoegaze trio based out of Indianapolis, IN. Founded in January of 2018, the group has performed to a tumultuous reception all throughout the Midwest. Fern Murphy was able to establish a loyal fanbase in their home city and neighboring cities through consistent radio play and exposure in premier venues.




Gringo Love Ep (2019) Bc: 

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