“747” about leaving everything behind

The Ragtag Roots are here with a piece of their debut album “747”ALONG THE WAY.

A crunchy guitar tone and a set of introspective lyrics about escaping your situation makes one hell of an anthemic rock tune. The youthful sense of wonder in the lyrics is displayed while the frontman keeps creating imagery that goes past rooftops into outer space. The arena rock style production in “747” will have you in love with The Ragtag Roots. “747” really nails a rag tag imagery with the 1st string pedaling as the guitar riff melody flows downwards and the ride cymbal keeps the listener on high. Great energy from The Ragtag Roots, you can check out a Soundcloud to “747” below as well as an artist biography, Spotify catalog and artist website.


The Ragtag Roots formed in 2014. The rock band, from Zurich, Switzerland takes their baths in the basses, bask in the tubes of the amps and lets the drums bite where it itches.

Their music is influenced by 60’s rock&roll, blues -/punk rock and a touch of country, which is clearly visible in the songwriting. Bands such as AC/DCBruce SpringsteenTom PettyRed Hot Chili Peppers and Jimi Hendrix are a few of their greatest influences and continue to form their unique style.

At a time where rock music is banned from the runway of the party people, the Ragtag Roots join the counter-demonstration.

One of the band members once said: „shit guys, our band has been around for longer than my longest relationship ever has! Maybe because we‘re allowed side projects“

On July 14th 2019, 5 years after their formation, the Ragtag Roots released their debut album Along the Way.



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