Gold Spectacles “Ask Twice”

Opening with a fun yet simple guitar line, “Ask Twice” instantly grabs the attention of listeners. Easy to listen to vocals will make this song an instant favorite for any indie pop fans. The opening lyrical hook of “oh no, it’s nothing like I hoped” kept us playing this song on repeat at Hot Lunch Music. Energy increases as the chorus comes in, giving the song a funkier beat that will have fans on their feet and dancing. Despite the cynical topic of the lyrics, we all know someone in our lives who will never take responsibility for their own bad decisions. “Ask Twice” manages to take this personality and turn it into an upbeat jam that only gets better the longer you listen to it. Check it out below!


Forming in London, Gold Spectacles is the collaborative output of two British songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalists. Since releasing their debut EP “Flaws and Visions”, the duo have been on a journey of self-exploration, refining their sound and voice from the confines of a modest home studio. Since October 2018, Gold Spectacles have been releasing a track a month coinciding with the lunar calendar; these tracks will come together to form their debut album. Drawing on an eclectic range of influences from Paul Simon to Local Natives to Bombay Bicycle Club to Phoenix to Lykke Li, Gold Spectacles create baroque-pop.

As the Buck Moon passes, Gold Spectacles release the ninth track in their full moon series. In the narrative, “Ask Twice” follows a narcissist who’s unable to admit his own mistakes, spiralling further and further into bad decisions. A prominent bassline plays against an array of arpeggiated spanish guitars, playful flutes and analog synthesizers, and reflects all the hallmarks of Gold Spectacles’ baroque-pop sound.

“We wanted to depict characters who are so caught up in their self-preservation that they aren’t able to see that they are hurting everyone around them (and in turn, themselves). There is blood on their hands, but they will sooner point the finger than come clean. Although lyrically the protagonist comes across as cold, the whimsical flute arrangement reminds us: he is still human.”


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