Eleonor Léone “Wolf” – Classic Fairytale with a Seductive, New Twist

We all know the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. A little girl in red goes through the woods to visit her grandma when she’s stopped by a wolf. Eleonor Léone takes this tale and changes the perspective with a fun twist in the sexy, pop song “Wolf”. The drop before the first chorus will instantly grab listeners while the seductive vocals will keep them engaged until the very end. The backing vocals that come in to tell bits of the story add another menacing layer. In this song, the wolf can be seen as any dangerous temptation in life. Anyone or anything can be a wolf if you’re not careful. As the lyrics say, you should know better…but you don’t! Check out this fun new take on a classic story below.


Eleonor Léone is a pop artist from Sweden. She’s a woman who makes sure she get what she want. She built up her image and platform all by herself. How? Well she’s not the kind of person who sits down and waits for things to happen.

Together with the producer/songwriter Kenny ‘KNY’ Lundstrom, she writes and produces dreamy electro pop-music. After performing at the showcase festival “Live at Heart” in Canada, she has been performing on different stages in the world like India, Singapore, and Barcelona. Eleonor’s music is made for international platforms and the biggest venues.


In this cool, happy pop song we’re getting inside the brain of The Wolf. Everyone knows the story about The Little Red Riding Hood. We’ve been reading this little fairytale since birth. But what about The Wolf? What do we know about him? What he thinks and feels?

The Wolf could be anywhere around us. It could be a partner, a colleague, a drug. Something or someone, desperate to take everything from us. And when you finally think it’s gone – I’ll come back.

Speaker: The famous actor Stefan Sauk

Music: Beatrice Jaksch, Gabriel Pettersson, Eleonor Léone, Kenny KNY Lundström

Lyrics: Eleonor Léone

Production: Kenny KNY Lundström, Eleonor Léone

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