Mikolas Josef Ft. Fito Blanko & Frankie J “Acapella”

With beautiful guitar melodies and vocals that sound like they belong in Top 40 radio, “Acapella” is perfect for anyone looking for a new summer-pop jam! Latin pop influence, Spanish lyrics, and a beat that will make listeners want to dance make this song easy to enjoy. The chorus is instantly catchy with backing vocals that build the sound up in energy. As the bridge comes in, we get an actual taste of a cappella sound as multiple voices come in, creating an upbeat vibe that would work well in any party setting. From here the energy and liveliness build again before leaving listeners wondering what else is to come for Mikolas Josef. Check out this great new song below!


The Next “Despacito” has arrived! European sensation Mikolas Josef releases his first global single “Acapella”.

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