Jean Tonique “like you”, Quirky and Fun

Starting with a fun, light sound, “like you” easily grabs listener’s attention. The lyrics are laid back, but sung about finally finding that special someone after searching for so long. The energy is positive and cute, without sounding cliche. “like you” is the perfect summer-time beach song, or for anytime you need a pick-me-up. When added with a music video that will have listeners laughing out loud, the song takes on another level of cheerfulness. The video depicts a not-so-enthusiastic band, accompanied by an overly enthusiastic dancer, playing in a park before the lead singer takes off to, assumedly, track down a beautiful girl he spots. In his absence, a park-goer takes over his place in the band. By the time our protagonist catches up to the lovely lady, however, we realize he’s been chasing after her dog the whole time! The video is sure to have you laughing and the song will have you playing it again in no time. Check out both below!


Why choose  between  old  and  new?  In  his first  album,  Well  Mannered  Frivolity,  Jean Tonique  decided  to  take  the  best  of  both worlds.

After two  EPs,  he  starts  piecing  together what  will  become  his  first  album,  around multiple  influences,  with  the  extensive  use of   talk   box.

As a  sound  and  machines  maestro,  Jean Tonique  plays  all  the  instruments  on  the  album, but he selected a few guests for the vocal parts : American rapper Ciscero is on “This Feeling”, and young soul diva Keyone Starr,  featured  on  Mark  Ronson’s  track  “I  Can’t Lose”, sings on “Grooving Machine” and “Something  To  Talk  About”.  Dabeull,  from label Roche Musique is on “The Party” and  Etienne de Crécy brings his immaculate techno touch to “Radio Tuning”,  the  only  voiceless  song  on  the  album.

Jean Tonique always remains the mind behind this sonic space-trip, beginning with the take-off announcement as an intro to ’’Welcome to Paris’’ and concluding at the end of the B-Face with the  all-encompassing ‘’Home’’, final  landing after this journey through the night.

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