Widespell “Why Am I Alone”

Ominous yet driving is Widespell”s new track “Why Am I Alone” released on May 31st. Moody and atmospheric with lots of held out chords this is the kind of brooding track that for a quiet angst. Melodically the vocal performance reminds slightly monotone while a harmony a few octaves up helping with the layer. The bridge was where the energy really picked up for me as the subdivision becomes sixteenth notes and a melodic guitar solo joins. This is a cool track I could hear being played over any local record stores speakers. Stream it below and learn more about Widespell with attached press notes.


As the creative force behind Widespell, Nick Widener and his cohorts (which includes our friends from Airpark , Michael and Ben Ford) have managed to create a distinct EP steeped in a neon sheen, but tapered by very apparent peak experimental rock influence. Sonder isn’t discernably no-wave, neo-prog, post-rock, new wave, or noise rock, but it does feature aspects of all, and thus the “atmosphere” of it all is born.

Sonder is uniquely it’s own entity all the while paying homage to the genre it sits so confidently within. Such unabashed embrace of a style is hard to come by, but add the fact that Sonder is in fact a debut record, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a promising horizon for Widespell . But even within the EP, each individual song sits upon it’s own respective continent of sound (Now/It’s Nashville).


“Originally, this was nothing more than a creative outlet for myself,” Widener explains of the project. “Shortly after jamming on several ideas, it started pulling me into an avenue I’ve never tapped into. I then took these ideas into Eugenia Hall in Nashville where I allowed them to breathe and take shape for a single week. ‘ Anyone ’ was the first of the tunes to reveal itself and it became the reference point for the vibe of the EP.” Laid-back, minimalist groove, it’s like a cool drink of water on a steamy day, or a streak of soothing color on a crisp, white canvas–totally refreshing (East of 8th).

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