“Rhythm & Gold” Paper Lions

Groovy indie pop that will reminds you of tracks like Phoenix’s “Lisztomania”, especially the guitar picking rhythm, before the verse hits and you’re reminded this is brand damn new. The energy moves in a way that is familiar and the song builds from verse through chorus in a way that emphasizes how perfect a production this really is. One thing that caught me off guard was I was expecting more of a payoff or something that remained loud dynamically for the choruses but it was still a great track either way. I think Paper Lions shows a lot of promise and has a great vocalist. Their debut is out later this year and you can stream “Rhythm & Gold” below!


“Rhythm & Gold” is the new single from Canada’s Paper Lions, to be featured on their new album – out later in 2019.

The band says on the track, “‘Rhythm & Gold’ tries to capture the excitement and fun of falling for the first time. Falling in love with music, falling in love with someone special and discovering your own freedom for the first time. The early excitement of starting a band can feel a lot like the thrill of an early romance and it seemed like a natural way to tap into the origin story of Paper Lions.”

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