Blue River “Lucy”, ties the room together

Is that a young Liam Gallagher featured on this track? This is uplifting and fun and ode to a number of British legends who came before, for example the song is about a Lucy who works at the train station which could be traced back to Lennon. Some of the backing vocals sound like they’re off Noels newest release.

I’m definitely not saying there is anything wrong with paying tribute to heroes especially when I love the same artists too. This is a quick, guitar driven, upbeat song that is sure to have your toe tapping instantly. Overall a great track from British rockers Blue River.


Blue River is an indie-pop-rock quartet who are taking the burgeoning Cornish indie scene by storm. Featuring the intricate, unique guitarmanship of Marc Willoughby, the timeless vocals of Perran Nicholls, with the pounding and rhythmic drums of Tom Mcgowan and the deep, determined bass of Matt Bond, the band showcase that if no man is an island when together Blue River is a whole damn continent. Bringing together solid rhythms, catchy melodies and vocal harmonies to create a sense of pleasing pop perfection, with the right amount of dirtiness to keep you satisfied.

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