Teddi Gold “Not Done Here Yet”

This energetic, uplifting pop song is exactly what we needed for the start of summer! Teddi Gold brings us “Not Done Here Yet” which, while starting slow and dreamy at first, quickly picks up with passion and vibrancy. The backing vocals of ‘ooh ooh, ooh ooh’ add another fun layer before jumping right into a reggae influenced chorus that is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing. The lyrics are positive and paint a picture of perseverance and not giving up, despite how difficult life may get. This is the type of song you’d hear on the Top 40 radio, so if that’s your usual go-to for new music, you’re sure to love this high-spirited beat.


Teddi Gold is the fresh indie-pop sensation we need! The vibrant artist is jumping onto the scene with her anthemic, bold, and dynamic sound.

The burgeoning artist already won the attention of numerous tastemakers with the release of her debut single “Video Games.” This hot track has garnered praise from tastemakers like The 405, Dance-ChartsGoing Solo, and more and has been added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Poptronix playlists.

Teddi’s unconventional take on pop music stems from a unique upbringing, which saw her spend her formative years on a remote island in the Caribbean. Isolated from mainstream culture, Teddi developed a strong sense of self, which now finds expression in her stunningly distinctive music.

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