Meyru “Something I Like” – Reminisce about the Nights You Swear You Don’t Regret

Starting with a heavy bass line and laid back vocals, this song is sure to engage any indie rock fan. With lyrics depicting the crazy types of nights we’ve all experienced at least once, this song is sure to make listeners reminisce about times that were chaotic and fanatical in the moment but now hold a special place in our memories. The passionate singing works perfectly with the upbeat and energetic rhythm, giving the song an easygoing yet lively sound all at once. The melody is similar to bands such as The Strokes and perfect for any indie hipster looking for a new tune to add to their playlist. Be sure to check out more from Meyru if you’re as big a fan of indie rock as we are.


Meyru treats listeners with their fresh take on nostalgic indie rock and are doing it again with their new single.”Something I Like”  will be the second release from their forthcoming album, Good To See You, out this summer!

Following previous hit “Running Day Dreams,” Meyru takes their sound to the next level in this captivating single while staying true to their low-key indie sound. This NYC trio brings a fervent energy to “Something I Like” with killer drums, grimy guitar interludes, and raspy vocals that possess an air of intrigue. They’ve got something that we like… and we’ll shout it from the rooftops.

The trio has perfected that subdued energetic indie rock – uninhibited, in-your-face but still laid-back. Meyru bring a renewed sense of self to this fiery song.

They add, “‘Something I Like’ is a song we wrote after a long weekend of partying in Montreal with our friends that lived there at the time. On the surface the song is about driving through the night to make it back to NYC in time for our day jobs at 9am. But the song really describes trying to shake the comedown of a weekend high as well as the feelings you have for a person after just a few nights all while trying to stay awake at the wheel and make it back to the real world.”

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