Love Ghost, “Quiet Voices”

Need to chill? Love Ghost has just the thing! Featuring downtempo, slamming drum rhythms and distorted guitar goodness, their new song “Quiet Voices” is a nostalgia trip to the days of listening to the lates grunge rock on cassette tapes in a basement. However, the addition of a viola, giving the entire thing a slightly symphonic flavor. The angst is overflowing, the energy is palpable, and this is one nostalgia road trip you’d better take!


Love Ghost is an indie/alternative/hard rock band consisting of Finnegan Bell, Mya Greene, Ryan Stevens, and Samson Young. The band just returned from Ecuador, where they were on the main stage at de Música de Vanguardia Festival after previously touring Ireland and Japan. The band has won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Alternative Band and their videos have won multiple awards including Best Music Video at New York Film Awards, London Independent Film Awards, Paris Music Video Underground and the Jean Lus Godard Award from Cult Critic Film Magazine.






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