Glom “My Red Spine” – Catchy Guitar Riffs and a Dance Worthy Beat

Instantly pulling the listener in with an upbeat and lively intro, “My Red Spine” is a song that hooks listeners from the very beginning. The beat is fun, yet edgy with a vocalist that sounds cool and composed, but also restless. The performance works well with the consistent and immensely catchy guitar riff that repeats throughout the song. This is the type of tune that will have any edgy hipster on their feet and dancing. As the bridge comes in, the beat starts to mellow out before building in energy again. The vocals become more passionate and listeners are left wanting more as the guitar riff that pulled us in at the beginning leads us out at the end.


Glom is a Brooklyn based indie/alternative rock band. Prior to moving to Brooklyn, Glom formed in the DC area as founders Sean Christian and Peter Warren, along with Jonathan Harwood and Sahil Ansari, grew up playing music together. They draw upon 90s alternative rock influences to deliver a familiar sound in a new way. Glom’s upbeat fuzzy pop foursome is completed by fifth member “Johan” Crandall’s shiny synthesizer and tambourine.

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