Zero, “Left Alone”- Leave this man alone- he knows what he’s doing!

Is it hip-hop? Is it Rap? Maybe Rock? Do I hear a bit of house in there? These questions are likely going through your head after listening to Zero’s brand-new tune “Left Alone,” and while these questions may be sending you for a loop, the good news is that the answers all seem to be “yes.” Zero’s command over his rhythmic lyrics and sincere storytelling make for an emotionally captivating experience full of pain, struggle, and inward aggression. The Phili-based artist’s proficiencies don’t stop with his words: Zero shows a profound ability to combine elements of house, rock, alternative, and hip-hop into a sonic concoction that can only be described as ‘his sound.’ The result is a gripping and soul-baring 3 minutes plus change that will have you scrambling to know more about what Zero is all about.


Zero is a Philadelphia recording Hip-Hop/Rap artist who has worked with people such as Tory Lanez, PnB Rock, Futuristic, Huey Mack, Play Picasso & More.


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