Adam Winn, “Drowning Slow”

“It’s hard to know when you’re drowning slow,” exclaims Adam Winn in “Drowning Slow.” The Canadian firefighter & musician delivers touching honesty and intimacy in this memoir of a toxic relationship. His vocals are resonant and effortless, sitting above organic acoustic guitars and mandolin accents throughout much of the composition. “Drowning Slow” drifts over you like a quiet afternoon, letting you bask in your thoughts and contemplate on the past. Winn’s songwriting shows a great deal of sensibility and maturity, adding instrumental colors to his sound as the song goes along. A simple drum kit, soulful electric guitar melodies, harmonica, and soaring vocal harmonies all enter in due time to drive the song forward and culminate in a final minute that will tug at your heartstrings and make you feel truly elevated by the sonic experience that is “Drowning Slow.”


Adam Winn is a singer-songwriter from Northern British Columbia, Canada. He was classically trained as a vocalist and studied voice in college. After being asked to participate in a radio showcase, he decided to put together some songs he had been writing over the years to develop his first EP. His style can be described as folk/acoustic and his lyrics have a definite storytelling appeal to them. His self-titled debut EP Adam Winn features five tracks about love, life and friendship and have a grass roots, raw quality to them. Winn is looking forward to working with producer Ryan Mcallister and will be releasing new music and touring in spring/summer of 2019.


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