Tree Museum, “Run Calm”- a message to your younger self

Tree Museum’s “Run Calm” starts off as a soothing slice of easy listening. Arpeggios are being fingerpicked on an acoustic guitar, followed by a simple and pensive lead guitar melody. A reserved, emotive male vocal sings what Tree Museum says is a song meant to be sung to your younger self. It’s full of themes about overcoming your own struggles, trusting that no pain is forever, and feeling comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your struggle. A simple Americana drum beat keeps “Run Calm” chugging along like an old train engine, while lead guitar lines are sprinkled throughout. Eventually, harmonies come in as the vocals become more impassioned, until the song breaks into a brief instrumental break that makes you feel like you’re running free. “Run Calm” soon returns to its quiet beginnings, ending on a note that’s equally pensive and resolved.


Tree Museum is an indie rock band based out of Toronto, Canada. Uniquely composed of veterans from the Thunder Bay music scene, Tree Museum’s polished sound focuses on blending dreamy lush guitars with aggressively dark grooves. Known for their sonic tangents and powerful vocals, the group brings waves of intensity to every performance.

Regulars at several Toronto indie hotspots (The Horseshoe Tavern, Junction City Music Hall, The Piston etc) Tree Museum has been busy pouring their newly refined style into a set of independently produced singles.


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