Cherry Blossom Kids, “Let’s Run Away”

Featuring a four-on-the-floor drum pattern, bright 60’s synth melodies, and a thumping bass, “Let’s Run Away” is a nostalgia-tinged and inspirational call to give up control and let life carry you where it will. Jazzy guitar chords add to the old-school flavors of Cherry Blossom Kids’ latest jam, while breathy and lush vocals add a bit of soul to this modern take on classic vibes. The official music video features an elderly couple rediscovering their youthful nature, and you just can’t help but smile while watching. Not a bad Thursday lift, if you ask me!


Founded in the Summer of 2017 by singer and guitarist Danial Konge Henriksen and bassist Jens Moss, Cherry Blossom Kids started out as a studio project. The full lineup consists of Tim Hede Jensen on drums, Jón Eliassen on keys and Jacob Crone Jensen on lead guitar. An experienced bunch of musicians with backgrounds in indie, synthpop and stoner rock.


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