The Fame “Cherry Lipstick” is a rocking throwback sound

Angsty like Eve 6s “Promise” and delivered in an almost lazy yet sexy vocal style is “Cherry Lipstick” by The Fame.  The heavy wall of guitars and fun style delivered by the Toronto based quartet will rock your socks off.  This 90s reminiscent track was produced by the Brian Moncarz who also produced the ultra popular Canadian rock outfit Our Lady Peace.  While the sound is raw the track hits hard and is well produced and follows a standard pop rock format of verse chorus verse etc. that features a pianissimo bridge that goes into a skillfully melodic guitar solo.


“After a sold out hometown show, tons of press coverage, and acquiring more than 8,000+ monthly listeners on streaming services from one single, they are now releasing their follow up single ‘Cherry Lipstick’.”

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