Turbulence’s “The Weatherman”- for a cloudy day

Turbulence’s “The Weatherman” lives on the more contemporary side of grunge. The Nothwestern trio produce plentiful amounts of distortion, edge, and melancholy- but it’s all done in a rather accessible way. The mildly-paced verse eases you into the groove as emotive vocals serenade your inner grievances with sustained melodic notes, while the choruses open up into a bit more of an anthemic ballad-like energy. A bombastic instrumental break closes out “The Weatherman,” giving a satisfying close to what a slice of grunge for the masses.


Hailing from the Rock’n’Roll mecca of Ellesmere Port, Northwestern trio Turbulence are a band who take the snarl and swagger of classic rock and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century- all the while providing a contemporary and biting indie edge that sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Having formed in 2014, the past five years have seen the three-piece go from strength to strength across their native North West; a smattering of singles and shows of an increasingly higher profile are testament to Turbulence’s tireless work ethic.



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