*OUT TODAY* All Things Blue, “Pale Blue”

Halting, agitated rhythms beneath seductive psychedelic vocals greet the listener in “Pale Blue,” the latest single from All Things Blue. By the first chorus, we get a taste of the dreamier side of things as ethereal synths glimmer above. Following the second verse, “Pale Blue” provides its own major lift in the form of an explosion of dream-pop synths and soaring reverberated vocals. One final psychedelic push closes out the track as it builds and becomes more trippy and encompassing before everything just falls away. Overall, All Things Blue have crafted an infectious and gripping blend of psychedelic and dream pop elements into a composition that’ll have you in a trance.


All Things Blue is a LA-based alt/psychedelic pop-rock outfit led by India Coombs. Joined by co-writer/producer Jon Joseph, the two create “Whateva the fuqq [they] want” with influences like Tame Impala, MGMT, T.Rex, Mac Demarco, Deerhunter, POND and Warpaint. All Things Blue sticks to it’s alternative roots, but incorporates sounds from different genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and folk. Their music can alter your emotions, take your mind to other places, and make you want to dance all at the same time. 60’s flower child meets 90’s garage grunge with a modern electronic flare is making for a new sound on the west coast.





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