Chateau Chateau “Driving In Circles” for nostalgia

Chateau Chateau “Driving In Circles” releases an upbeat and uplifting nostalgic song for driving around aimlessly with your friends.  Production wise a bit on the lo-fi side with a familiar washed out guitar and punchy drums sound that is sure to spark nostalgia in any indie rock or pop-punk 90s kid.  With album art that wraps up the sound nicely in a Saturday morning cartoons kind of this production is well put together and definitely worth checking out.  Listen to Chateau Chateau “Driving In Circles” below!

“New single Driving In Circles describes those youthful days when just getting in the car with your friends and going for a drive was enough to be happy. When sitting in silence and watching the saguaros turn into pines was meditation enough to forget the worries of everyday life. The song is a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to let loose, abandon your destination, and go driving in circles.”

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