It’s a Tennis Club kind of “Morning”

A relaxing feel-good amalgamation of some of our favorite genres, Tennis Club’s “Morning” is exactly the kind of sound you’d expect to come out of small-town friends turned Cali indie outfit. The group’s 4th track to date, “Morning” opens with an uptempo and folksy fingerpicked guitar, while the vocals manage to capture the smoothness of contemporary pop and the intimacy of indie folk. Background vocals in the chorus brighten up the mood while a laid-back, hip-hop-laden drum beat provides a contrast to the guitars. Good use of dynamics and contrast between sections are always promising things to hear from a group still in it’s infancy; and Tennis Club’s ability to blend folk, pop, and hip-hop into their own refreshing package makes this a very satisfying morning listen.


Two best friends since 1st grade who dropped out of college to pursue music and start a couple businesses. Raised in a small town, we got a lot of our inspiration from memories of being kids and doing dumb sh*t. Now we live in Hollywood and are still doing dumb sh*t, just a little more drunk.


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