Lane Simkins’ “Cycles” is a song you have to play more than once.

Breaking the cycle. How’s that for a cliche? But we’ve all been there. Whether it’s having the wrong people in your life, feeling trapped by your own negative feelings, or just a simply bad habit you can’t seem to kick, everyone has fallen into a cycle at one point or another. That’s what makes Lane Simkins’ “Cycles” so resonant. It’s about those times when you’re caught in a loop and can’t quite figure out what needs to change. Simkin’s vocals are appropriately raw and emotive, utilizing both ends of his range without compromising control or feeling. The instrumental is organic and simple, with fingerstyle style guitar played alongside a simple kit and piano, while some organ adds some country flair. The final product is just what Simkins claims: genuine, relatable storytelling done simply and with honesty.


Often found barefoot with coffee in hand, New Jersey based singer songwriter, Lane Simkins, offers listeners an honest and raw experience through his fresh lyricism and musicality. With a sound that portrays a 100% USDA certified organic gluten free indie/folk/rock vibe, Lane’s tunes tell real stories that provide a transparent glimpse of life’s struggles and wins.

Releasing his first single, “Please Don’t Go,” in September 2016, Lane began his journey to finding a sound. With his second single, “Leave,” releasing in October 2017, Lane’s music started reaching new heights. Bringing a new level of vulnerability through his latest release, “Fooled,” Lane hopes to connect in a relatable way with listeners.


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