Jumanji, “Houdini,” fresh off the press!

Jumanji’s “Houdini” is the type of feel-good infectious indie pop that could only come out of a town called Brighton. (get it?) Centered around themes of mental health, being open, and wearing your feelings with pride, “Houdini” is about as sparkling and infectious as a song can get. Celestial synth arpeggios float above hip-hop-infused drum beats with reverberating guitars and warm “oohs” to create an airy and encompassing aural backdrop. Atkin’s vocals are exactly what you look for in a song like “Houdini,” reminding me of fellow English indie rockers Fickle Friends.


Jumanji have been dubbed one of Brighton’s most promising young bands. The fun indie rock band have been featured on BBC radio, their debut single ‘Higher’ synced on ITV’s fashion show ‘This Morning’ and since the release of their EP ‘For Now’, 6 months ago, Jumanji have already racked up over 100,000 streams. They have embarked on 2 national tours, already supported Fickle Friends, Indigo Velvet and have sold out shows in Brighton and Edinburgh.

They have a new release this Friday called ‘Houdini’. A song about mental health, the everyday struggle and anxiety to get your feelings out there. A meaningful and slower number from the usual energetic band, however still an earworm that will get you singing along by the last chorus.




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