Girlpool “Pretty”, for the mid-week heartache

Jangly clean guitars and angst driven lyrics that speak to feelings of confusion and heartache are what you’ll get with Girlpool “Pretty”.  Girlpool inhabits a sonic hemisphere that is easily likened to a tale of coming of age.  Girlpool comes into play during the digital revolution of songwriting and performance and is able to flow more gracefully than others in an open world and the messages will hopefully push music consumers into a lifestyle of transparency.   Girlpool releases “Pretty” on Epitpah Records February 1st among fourteen other tracks.  The layers of harmony and tight rhythms make for an enjoyable listen in an atmospheric package.  The lyrics go on to call the antagonist in the song a former idol of the songwriter.  “Pretty” is to me about someone down on themselves as the beautiful people of the world make critical mistakes again and again.

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